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Property Investing

Building a property portfolio over time has been a successful strategy for many people, yet there are also many that haven’t seen their dreams realised as they had planned.

Our experience from personal investing, observing our clients results and speaking with property advisors has taught us a couple of valuable lessons.

  • There are many properties that aren’t very suitable as investments if you want to achieve reasonable or better returns.
  • Understanding which properties and locations are far more likely to deliver is important and can be learnt from a quality Buyers Agent.
  • Each time you choose and purchase a property, it should “fit” your portfolio and suit your financial situation.
  • While having a property investment strategy is important it is essential to have a Financing Strategy to achieve your property goals. You won’t be able to get this from your bank.

We have many years of experience with what works and what doesn’t and can provide expert advice to you on how to structure your loans, in the right entity, tax effectively, cost effectively and to ensure you can achieve your property goals. 

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