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Financial Planning Advice

Complete Finance and Property recognises the importance of Financial Planners and Advisors in helping clients make the right investment decisions and ensure their position is protected at the most critical times as their wealth grows.

This is why we partner with Financial Planners to help their clients secure the most appropriate loans and to ensure the solutions we implement are synchronised with their advice.

Similar to financial planners, but unlike lenders, we provide an ongoing review service to clients to ensure their lending continues to be optimised. By working in with the client’s Financial Planner when we have ongoing client contact, the client achieves the best outcomes and isn’t “advised” by untrained bank staff with sales targets to achieve.

As the complexity around lending has increased in recent years, so has our focus on growing the lending knowledge of our clients and our Financial Planner & Advisor partners. Each month we provide useful updates on key lending matters to our partners and have a program of lunchtime partner workshops that provide updates on the most current lending matters affecting their clients.

Working with us

If you are a successful financial planner or accountant and are seeking a relationship with a specialist mortgage broking business to provide advice and services to your clients, feel free to make contact with us.

Like to know more?

If you would like to find out more about how Complete Finance and Property can partner with your firm to provide excellent lending solutions and ongoing relationships with your clients, rather than them talking to the banks direct, please contact Ian Bradford.